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The Lord's Diner
The Lord's Diner in Wichita, KS provides an evening meal to the homeless and needy 365 days a year.
Their mission: "Responding to Christ's call to feed the hungry, The Lord's Diner, a not-for-profit soup kitchen operated by the community and for the community, provides an evening meal seven days a week. It achieves this goal in a spirit of compassion, respect, and loving service through cooperative efforts with parishes, churches, individuals, and organizations."
Prairie Land Food
Described at this web site and growing with new host sites on a regular basis, the Prairie Land Food Program can help feed your family and the familes of those who volunteer their time and talent in any way possible.
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The Derby Kansas Host Site for the Prairie Land Food Program. Volunteerism rewarded by offer of great food packages at drastically reduced prices.
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The Lord's Diner Note:
Many church organizations, club members and individuals in Derby, KS support The Lord's Diner by volunteering their time and dollars to this most worthy endeavor. Please help support "The Lord's Diner" by going to their web site for information on how to help.
Note on The Prairie Land Food Program:
Church organizations, club members and individuals are welcome to participate in the prairie land food program by purchasing Prairie Paks for individuals or families in need. Help your community and familes in your community by volunteering and suppying food items to those who may need "a helping hand".
Kansas Food Bank
Mission at the Food Bank:
"Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate HungerCare whenever and wherever it is needed to safeguard the health, well-being and productivity of food-insecure Kansas families and their children, as well as senior citizens, the homeless and the chronically ill and impoverished among us."
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Prairie Land Food
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